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Photo page

This view from Airport Mesa is a favorite with all tourists and residents.  A digital camera makes it soooo easy to get. I imagined that Marta (my novel protagonist) was gazing out at this scene from the Reynolds' guest bedroom deck as she relaxed after the previous night of monsoon weather.
This rock formation is known as "Coffee Pot." You do see the spout, OK?  Airport Mesa has the infamous vortex mentioned in one of the latter chapters for a significant encounter! Check out my Movie Page for viewing the old Sedona before civilization had left an indelible mark.  Those movie stars must have loved the horse trails and dust before we had motels with showers, food marts, and liquor stores to revive them!

Anyone recognize "Snoopy" below? Many of the rock formations in Sedona have been given names of cartoon characters.This looks like Snoopy to me!!  When you are nearing the Uptown area, look off to your right and you will see the rock formation referred to as "Snoopy."  Sometimes it requires more than a little imagination to make out the image as named.

Below, see if the rocks to the west of Schnebly Hill as you look down on the city of Sedona don't look like a "Merry Go Round" to you.

In my book, Danny gets a fairly close view of these rocks in the moonlight.  Early morning is probably the best time to check out Schnebly Hill and "Merry Go Round."  Since the road is rough, a four wheel drive or jeep is the best way to travel it. Just remember, the Schnebly Hill Road was the only way to get to Flagstaff not that many years ago (it was completed 1902). No wonder the trip to Flagstaff had formerly taken a week or longer from Sedona!

Can you imagine what it was like trying to visit Flagstaff when Hwy 89A was a only a dream, before the dynamite dislodged many, many boulders and tons of rock? Work started on it in 1931 and continued through mid 1930s.  And--we think the switchbacks and tourist traffic make the route through the canyon slow going these days!

This is a view of Bell Rock in the area of Village of Oak Creek, although Sedona folks claim it along with all the other beautiful rock formations. This is the site of one of the most popular vortexes too, along with hiking fun and risk. I believe we took this photo in 1988 and haven't been able to improve on it.